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An Evergreen Skill That Made My Friend $10,000,000+ In 8 Days...

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Due to a unique set of circumstances, I'm able to practically gift you access to a certain skill.


A skill that has turned my friend - a simple $12/hour small-town house painter into a multi-millionaire and a marketing legend and accomplish things like...


... Generate nearly $10,000,000 in sales in just 8 days, build an eight-figure  company, and, in fact... is the building block behind any business success imaginable. 

Access to my friend's course where you'll discover all the ins and outs of this amazing skill retails for $999.95, but today - if you so decide - you can have full access to it for just $1. 


That's right. One. Measly. Dollar.


I'll tell you all about how that happened, but first, a question..

If You Were To Guess...

What is the single most evergreen, critical skill you'll ever master as a marketer?


Is it traffic generation? 


Is it the ability to network?


Is it any specific tactic... like the ability to grow your email list, your Instagram following, your Facebook Ads skills... or anything else like that?


Is it your ability to create content?


Enough teasing. It's actually...

Your Ability To Sell! 

Think about it. If you're able sell really well...

  • Traffic becomes dirt cheap. If you're able to convert even 1% above what you're paying for your traffic... you're able to scale indefinitely. Also, if you can show insane EPCs... you'll have no shortage of potential JVs.
  • Offers come to you. Meaning, if you're known for your conversions skill, you'll have access to experts eager for you to help share their knowledge with the world.
  • Freelance profit opportunities are insane. People who are able to sell through the written word are in super high demand right now.
  • People love buying from you! Another side effect becomes that people will actually enjoy doing business with you - because you will masterfully help them realize how your offer is going to make their lives better.
  • Profit from anything - it doesn't matter if you're into Amazon wholesale, FBA, digital marketing, whatever... your ability to sell will translate to anything because you'll master just a handful of core principles that you'll apply over and over again 


It gets even better. 


Once you master the ability to sell via the written word... you're able to multiply the effectiveness of everything you do 1,000x. No joke. 


And luckily, I recently came across just the man to teach you this art.

Meet Jason Fladlien

Jason used to be a hip hop hare krsna monk who painted houses for $12/hr to make ends meet


He launched his first information product literally from a shed in a small town in Iowa. The product was 6 pages long, and sold for a measly $4. 


Little did he know... it would change his life forever. 

A Multimillionnaire

Fast forward a few years, and Jason became a millionaire... then, a multi-millionaire. 


He has worked with people like Tony Robbins, Larry King, and one of the biggest videoconferencing companies on the planet - Zoom.

Core Reason Beyond His Success?

He has said it multiple times himself...


"If there is indeed a skill worth mastering - that will pay huge dividends over and over for your entire lifetime... it's copywriting."


And Jason has proved over and over that it's not just his ability to create words that sell... but also his ability to actually teach this stuff in a way that lets anyone - regardless of ability or anything - create copy that sells. 

Can Anyone Do This?

That's not even the right question. 


The right question is... SHOULD everyone do this if they want their business to succeed?


And the answer is... absolutely.


Good news...

  • You don't need to be an English major or anything in order to write copy successfully. Copy is about persuasion... not about writing the next great American novel.
  • You don't need to spend years to master this to a level that will generate you serious profits. In fact, a week is more than enough to get started!
  • This should be in addition to anything else you're doing - and will serve as the secret sauce of success if you leverage it right

I'm Handing You Keys To A Ferrari For $1 Here...

I wish I was able to tell you that me being able to give you a $999.95 course to you for $1 - was the result of some grand plan and massive action on my part.


It really wasn't.


All I did was be at the right place at the right time, and invested with the right people to secure the rights for this incredible deal. 


When you find yourself at the right time at the right place - don't hesitate to take action and invest. And I believe now is one of those moments. 

The Catch?

This course was created by Jason a few years ago. 


While there are multiple benefits to that... 


(Just one example, that means this course is it's filled with very down-to-earth, immediately actionable stuff based on timeless copywriting principles that haven't changed for the past hundred years...)


There's one caveat. Some of the references you'll see might seem a bit outdated.


If you notice that...

Treat It As A Learning Opportunity!

The reason I'm so upfront about this is I strongly believe that in this particular instance...


It doesn't matter one bit. 


Sure, you might notice that Jason uses things like "Pinterest craze" to teach you a concept... but replace Pinterest with Instagram, and the concept is still going to be as valid as it was back then.


The biggest benefit, though? It's that you're not just passively consuming content...


But you're actively engaging with it - which increases retention multiple times.

Bottom Line...

If you want to master a skill that's going to help you grow your business beyond what you thought possible, you need to take advantage of this offer now.


This is one of the very few skills in the world where even mastering a handful of core principles can immediately net you additional profits. 


I'm very proud I'm able to bring you this.




Research & Offers

How To Uncover Your Audience's Most Closely Guarded Secrets

In this module, you're going to discover how to quickly uncover your audience's problems, fears, and desires - and how to present an offer that leverages that undercover knowledge

  • 3x3x1 formula that will speed up your research beyond what you thought was possible (most copywriters spend 40+ hours on this!)

  • A "Hollywood" technique that you will use from now on to make your copy super persuasive - while your prospects will think that it was their idea to act all along!

  • 11 fears that almost anyone experiences - and how to leverage them in your copy

  • 8 most universally desired benefits that you can apply to almost any product imaginable 

  • How to create an offer that's impossible to refuse in under 17 minutes using a 5 component matrix 

  • And more!


Urgency & Believability

How To Engineer An Unquenchable Desire To Act Now

Here, we're going to cover how to use urgency to propel your prospects into action - and how to make sure they know you mean business!

  • How to inject your ads with 6 types of urgency in a very specific way so that every moment someone delays buying they experience pain!

  • How to enhance any claim by adding one critical component to it (this is often the difference between a handful of sales and 1,000s of sales, everything else being equal!)

  • Why less is more even in this day of outrageous claims and offers - and how to construct those "cascades of believability" almost in your sleep

  • How to create a powerful OTO - it probably hasn't been done right for at least the past 5 years on the internet, at least not on bigger launches

  • And more!


Benefits & Bullet Points

Adding The "Secret Sauce" Of Conversion To Your Copy

In this session, you're going to discover ways to quickly write bullet points that rival those of copywriters with years and years of experience... plus, how to laser-target the most effective benefits of your product!

  • How to create the "I gotta have this!" feeling in your sales messages using benefits presented in a specific way (master these 4 rules of benefits - as outlined in case studies - and you'll never wonder what to write again)

  • The 3 step formula to creating benefit filled copy that relies more on your subconscious than on meticulously laboring over every word (yes, it works!)

  • Watch as Jason creates bullet points on-the-fly right in front of your eyes!

  • The art and the science of writing amazing bullet points - including how to structure them, what the most effective shortcuts and tricks are, the rule of 3, just to mention a few!

  • And more!


Headlines & Leads

The System For Constantly Coming Up With Great Headlines & Leads

You have 2.7 seconds to grab someone's attention - and if you do it with the right headline that puts someone in the state of mind of buying from you, you're so far ahead your competition it's not even funny. In this session, you're going to discover...

  • How to come up with powerful, purposeful, and profitable headlines like clockwork (forget spending hours and hours to create the perfect hook... instead, tap into this system and have a headline in less than 7 minutes!)

  • Headline post-mortem - The headlines that started Rapid Crush, Inc. and what made them tick

  • Why the headline should be the LAST thing on your mind when you're creating your sales letter (But you should start with one anyway... discover the exact process of how that works!)

  • The 5-5-5 approach to headline writing (one of the 5's stands for minutes it takes... discover what do the rest mean)

  • The 4 things you MUST do in your lead if you want your prospects to read your entire letter in one sitting... and then, look for that buy button in a frenzy!

  • And more!


Video Sales Pitches

If You Use This Technique At The Right Time, In The Right Way... You'll Be Unstoppable!

A lot of people don't understand the "why" of a video sales letter - beyond "you should use video because it's 2020". Discover the when, the why, and the how in this amazing session!

  • When to use - and more importantly, when NOT to use video sales letters (would you rather be right or rich?)

  • The "secret ingredient" of a video sales letter that's not being fully leveraged to this day that will let you engage the most profitable segment of your audience

  • How to craft a persuasive video sales letter from start to finish by following a 6-step format (it's as simple as filling in the blanks!)

  • The little "trick" that only a handful of marketers are using properly that will let you keep the viewer engaged for hours and hours on end

  • And more!


Advanced Copy Techniques

After you've experienced your first successes, you're going to want to implement these techniques to get even further ahead of your competition.

Here you'll discover advanced techniques of persuasion that are deeply rooted in the human psyche - and that's what makes them both dangerous & effective.

  • Did you know 93% of US drivers rate their driving skill above average? More importantly... discover, how to leverage this insight in any copy you write from now on

  • What are logical fallacies, which ones of them you should add to your copy immediately, and how to do it in a way that's so transparent they become invisible

  • Why people don't always buy for the results - 4 powerful motivators that MUST be used alongside your usual, benefits/results driven sales copy

  • How to make even the most expensive product seem like the reasonable option

  • And more!


Sales Letter Design

In this session, Jason will show you the principles of how he lays out salesletters

Caveat: this session gets really technical. Good news? Today, there are a lot of tools available that will take care of the tech side for you - so you can focus on conversions.

Plus, These Awesome Bonuses!

In addition to the intense, super-insightful sessions above, you're also getting your hands on the following bonuses.

Bonus #1:

The Price Stacking Bible

In markets where everyone tries to peddle things for $17 or less... it takes a certain amount of skill and knowledge to effortlessly sell for $199, $299, $499, or $999.95. 


How do you deliver more value to the customer - and charge more? Read this bonus and copy this approach to immediately give a boost to your bottom line!

Bonus #2:

Impossible Copy Case Study

Since this bonus was created, Jason has used these exact skills to quickly craft countless winning webinars, sales letters, VSLs, emails, and more. 


However, in this case study, you're going to discover how it all started... with 75 minutes on the clock until launch, and a product Jason knew nothing about. The result? Almost 20% conversions!

Bonus #3:

"Mystery" Bonus

You're also going to get a tool that some people will find too powerful... others will discard (to their own peril)... and only a handful will leverage it to its fullest extent. 


Will you be among them? There's only one way to find out!

Bonus #4:

Copy For Hire Manual

This guide shows you how to get copywriting clients, how to get them to pay you more, and how to make them easier to work with. Using these techniques, Jason has earned as much as $5,000 for less than 1 hour of work!


Full Copy eClass Course Access

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